• Exhibition:
    6th PLASTIC OSAKA - Highly-functional Plastic Expo Osaka
  • Booth No: A4-12

    Shin-Etsu Wrapping Films

    Shin-Etsu Wrapping Films
    Shin-Etsu Wrapping Films
    1. Feature Appropriate as wrapping tape for carbon fiber prepreg molding.
    2. We applied the production technology that we developed for capacitor film, to produce our wrapping films. Shin-Etsu wrapping films are used in carbon fiber prepreg molding. They are ideal for wrapping cylindrically molded objects such as fishing rods and golf club shafts. Please refer to product catalogue on our web site.

    3. Country of Manufacturer: Japan
    4. Product Categories:
      • Composites Related Product and Technology
      • Highly-functional Resin

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    • Shin-Etsu PP Films

    • Packaging Film

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